19 April 2005
KCR Lok Ma Chau Station topped out
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) celebrated the topping out of the Lok Ma Chau (LMC) Spur Line’s Lok Ma Chau Station today. The event is a significant milestone for the project, which is scheduled for completion in 2007.
The 7.4-km Spur Line running from East Rail’s Sheung Shui Station to LMC will provide a second railway link between Hong Kong and the Mainland, and will help alleviate cross-boundary congestion at Lo Wu. When the new line enters service in 2007, people will have another convenient option when travelling to and from the Mainland by railway, especially for the areas of Futien, Shenzhen Bay and Nantow.
Speaking at the ceremony, KCRC Chairman Mr Michael Tien said, "Lok Ma Chau Station will be Hong Kong’s second railway station with immigration facilities connecting to the Mainland. The Station will be connected to Hunaggang in the Mainland via a covered footbridge. Crossing the boundary will be as convenient as ever.
"Besides, the Spur Line will be strategically important to East Rail and enhance its competitiveness. Travelling to Lok Ma Chau will take only six minutes from Sheung Shui, and less than 45 minutes from East Tsim Sha Tsui."
Sitting on nine hectares of land, the four-storey LMC Station will be the largest East Rail station. Housed with 66 immigration counters and 70 e-counters, the Station can handle up to 33,000 travellers an hour, 50% more than that can be handled by Lo Wu Station.
"Building a station of this size is no easy task. To construct it within an ecologically sensitive area in the closed area of Lok Ma Chau presents an even greater challenge. We have nevertheless managed to complete the task in a satisfactory manner," Mr Tien said.
The Corporation has adopted a pre-cast method for the construction of the station to minimise the impacts of construction on the environment, and to comply with the Zero Discharge Policy for the Deep Bay Water Control Zone, the Station is equipped with its own sewage treatment plant, a first for railway stations in Hong Kong.
To further mitigate construction impacts on the environment, the Corporation is building a compensatory wetland habitat on 37 hectares of land that includes islands, fishpond enhancement works and creation of fresh water marshes.
Up to the end of March 2005, the civil construction works of the Spur Line project were 67% complete. The dual tunnel section built by the innovative earth-pressure-balanced tunnel-boring machine was broken through in early April 2005, while the viaduct construction was completed this month for laying of the railway track.
Due to the excellent progress of the construction of the Spur Line, the Corporation is confident that the entire project will be completed by 2007.
Sitting on 9 hectares of land, the four-storey Lok Ma Chau Station will be the largest East Rail station. The environmentally friendly design of the station includes the creation of fresh water marshes and wetland next to the station.

The station concourse adopts a spacious design and shops are available for the convenience of the passengers.
With island platforms, passengers can board the trains with great convenience. A journey from Lok Ma Chau to East Tsim Sha Tsui will take less than 45 minutes.