28 April 2005
Non-stopping of an East Rail train at Tai Wo Station
At 7:49am this morning, a northbound East Rail train failed to stop at Tai Wo Station as scheduled to allow passengers to board and alight. The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) is investigating the incident.
Initial findings showed that the incident was a result of human error. The driver of the train did not stop at Tai Wo Station according to standard procedures. KCRC apologises for any inconvenience caused to passengers.
General Manager – East Rail Operations Mr Anthony Yan said, "East Rail’s safety is protected by the Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system, which ensures a train can proceed only if it is safe to do so. The stopping of trains at stations, however, is controlled by another system, the Automatic Train Operation (ATO) system."
The train’s ATO failed to function properly this morning and the driver was therefore responsible for stopping the train at all stations. The ATP was still in operation and functioning properly in order to ensure the safe operation of the train. After the train departed East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, the driver was responsible for following established procedures which called for the train to stop at all stations in order to allow passengers to board and alight. KCRC has suspended the driver from driving duties in the wake of the incident.
KCRC is very concerned about the incident, although it did not affect passenger safety, it inconvenienced passengers boarding and alighting at Tai Wo Station. KCRC has therefore reminded all drivers to stop at stations according to procedures.
KCRC is continuing to investigate the incident in order to ensure that similar events do not occur in the future.