8 May 2005
KCRC to introduce tourist passes
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) will introduce two types of tourist pass enabling travellers to reach the many hot spots along the KCR network with ease.
The $80 KCR Tourist Pass Combo and the $30 KCR Domestic Travel Pass will go on sale on 16 May 2005 (Monday) at all Ma On Shan Rail stations, West Rail stations and East Rail stations (except Racecourse). The Domestic Travel Pass is however not available for sale at Lo Wu Station.
General Manager – Marketing Mr Michael Lai said, "East Rail has been very popular with Mainland travellers who are coming to Hong Kong in increasing numbers. The tourist passes are our latest initiatives to promote our services to tourists, not only East Rail, but also Ma On Shan Rail, West Rail and Light Rail, and to make their stay more pleasurable and convenient."

The KCR Tourist Pass Combo includes three passes:

•              a KCR Domestic Travel Pass,
•              a KCR Lo Wu Travel Pass and
•              a Light Rail and KCR Bus Boarding Pass.

Holders of the Domestic Travel Pass will enjoy unlimited rides on the day of purchase of the following services: East Rail standard class (except to Lo Wu and Racecourse stations), Ma On Shan Rail, West Rail, Light Rail and KCR Bus in the Northwest New Territories, East Rail feeder buses K12 (except on Sundays and public holidays), K14, K16, K17 and K18.
Holders of the Lo Wu Travel Pass will enjoy two standard class journeys on East Rail and Ma On Shan Rail to and from Lo Wu Station within one month from the day of purchase.
When travelling on Light Rail, KCR Bus or designated East Rail feeder buses, passengers must present both the KCR Domestic Travel Pass and the Boarding Pass to enjoy the free ride.
Passengers buying the KCR Tourist Pass Combo at Lo Wu Station will be given a redemption coupon instead of a KCR Domestic Travel Pass. The coupon will be valid for the redemption of a KCR Domestic Pass at any designated station within five days from the date of purchase. The KCR Domestic Travel Pass is valid on the date of redemption.
Buyers of the KCR Tourist Pass Combo or the KCR Domestic Travel Pass will be given a free KCR travel map highlighting restaurants and shopping places along the KCR network.
KCR Lo Wu Travel Pass
KCR Domestic Travel Pass