25 May 2005
Emergency Drill at East Rail Tai Wo Station
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) carried out an emergency drill at Tai Wo Station in the early morning today. Two emergency services organisations, the Fire Services Department and the Hong Kong Police Force, also took part in the drill, one of the many organised by KCRC every year for its various railway networks.
In the drill scenario, a southbound train stalled at 50 metres to the north of Tai Wo Station. A man on board the train set fire to some inflammable liquid, causing heavy smoke to emit from some train cars. KCRC staff and relevant emergency services teams were summoned to the spot immediately to assist in the evacuation of passengers and the rescue of three injured passengers.
KCRC Railway Safety Manager Mr Louis Leung said, "This drill simulated a fire and heavy smoke situation, and KCRC staff and various rescue teams demonstrated a high level of responsiveness, coordination and communication."
The exercise was held after the close of rail traffic to avoid any disruption to train service. KCRC organises a number of large-scale joint emergency drills jointly with external parties every year to ensure the best possible responsiveness, co-ordination and communication among KCRC staff and various emergency services organisations.
KCRC organised a joint emergency drill in the early morning of 25 May 2005 at East Rail Tai Wo Station. Fireman assisted the injured to leave the scene via the detrainment ladder installed underneath the train to go back to Tai Wo Station.
At Tai Wo Station, KCRC staff and emergency teams joined hands to rescue the injured.