23 June 2005
West Rail One-Month Pass Your Convenient Way to Travel
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) is pleased to announce the launch of the West Rail Octopus One-Month Pass, starting from July 2005. The monthly pass is currently in the form of magnetic ticket and will switch to Octopus form for a greater convenience for the passengers.
Priced at only $400, the West Rail One-Month Pass is valid for unlimited journeys on West Rail, Light Rail, KCR Buses and other designated feeder services. Eligible passengers, who purchased the pass at a privilege price of $300, can continue to buy the new monthly pass at the same price as long as the pass is continually purchased every month.
The West Rail Octopus One-Month Pass is on sale from 24 June till 7 July inclusive. Upon the purchase, passengers would only need to present their Octopus cards to any West Rail ticket offices for obtaining the coding for One-Month Pass. When using the pass to travel on West Rail and take interchange for feeder services, passengers must maintain a positive remaining value in the Octopus card. Otherwise, passengers have to pay the normal fare. When using Light Rail services, the feeder bus services provided in North West New Territories, Bus K16, and NWFB 701 and 702, passengers are also reminded to validate their Octopus cards as usual. Please note that when interchanging with GMB 81K and 95K, passengers must present both the valid Pass and the associated Boarding Pass bearing the same Octopus number.
In case the Octopus One-Month Pass malfunctions, passengers can produce their receipt containing the evidence of purchase to any ticket office of West Rail stations for handling. Under no circumstances is the Pass refundable or transferable to another Octopus card. The Pass is also non-replaceable when the Octopus card is lost, except when it is a Personalised Octopus card or one with automatic add-value service.
KCRC will continue to explore different initiatives to offer tailored services for passengers. KCRC will prepare publicity materials such as leaflets and station notices to inform the public of the terms and conditions. For enquiries, passengers may call the KCRC Passenger Service Hotline at 2929 3399 or visit KCRC’s website (http://www.kcrc.com).