12 July 2005
Revised luggage regulations for East Rail and Ma On Shan Rail
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) will introduce new luggage regulations for East Rail and Ma On Shan Rail starting from 1 August 2005. The new regulations will require passengers to consign any piece of luggage whose total dimensions (width + height + depth) exceed 190cm.
The new "Conditions of carriage of luggage" are aimed at further improving passenger flow at stations and on trains, and enhancing passenger safety to ensure all passengers have a safe and comfortable journey.
There are three categories of luggage under the new regulations:
1. For luggage with total dimensions greater than 190 cm, consignment is required.
(Under existing regulations, only luggage larger than 220 cm has to be consigned.)

2. For luggage with total dimensions between 170 cm and 190 cm, a luggage ticket is required.

3. Luggage with dimensions of 170 cm or below can be carried free-of-charge.
The luggage ticket rate also remains unchanged. Each ticket costs $40 during peak hours (before 9am, Monday to Saturday, except public holidays) and $20 for the rest of the day. The consignment rate will be slightly reduced; it will range from $35 to $108 depending on the size of the luggage and the length of the journey.
General Manager – East Rail Operations Mr Anthony Yan said, "Passengers carrying too much luggage are likely to block the passageways and cause inconvenience to other passengers. Bulky luggage may lead to accidents, and the new luggage regulations will thus further enhance passenger safety."
To fully inform passengers of the new regulations, KCRC will post notices and posters, distribute leaflets, make announcements and broadcast videos on the new luggage regulations at all East Rail and Ma On Shan Stations. The new regulations will also be posted on the KCRC website (www.kcrc.com).