24 August 2005
Emergency drill for West Rail
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) carried out an emergency drill inside the tunnel between West Rail’s Tsuen Wan West and Mei Foo Stations early this morning. The drill was designed to test and enhance the co-ordination and responsiveness of KCRC staff, the Fire Services Department, the Hong Kong Police Force, the Hospital Authority, the Auxiliary Medical Service and the Civil Aid Service in emergency situations.
The drill simulated a passenger train travelling from Tsuen Wan West Station to Mei Foo Station stopped inside the tunnel due to an unknown failure. A passenger informed the driver that an equipment cabinet was on fire and dense smoke emitted at the second car. Twenty passengers were injured.
The driver immediately informed the control centre. KCRC staff and relevant emergency services teams were summoned to the incident spot immediately to fight the fire and assist in the evacuation of passengers.
KCRC Railway Safety Manager Mr Louis Leung said, "KCRC staff and various rescue teams demonstrated a high level of responsiveness, coordination and communication. The whole process of drill was very smooth."
The exercise was held after the close of traffic to avoid any disruption to train service.
KCRC organises a joint emergency drill in the tunnel between Tsuen Wan West and Mei Foo Stations in early morning today. The drill simulates a West Rail train stopped inside the tunnel due to an unknown failure and an equipment cabinet inside the train compartment was on fire and emitting dense smoke. KCRC staff and emergency teams joined hands to rescue the injured.
The rescue teams are assisting passengers in evacuation.