18 October 2005
KCRC Donated Used Eye Glasses Spectacles to the "Action for Vision Eye Foundation"
In the spirit of environmental protection and helping people in need, the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) donated over 2,000 pairs of used eye glassesspectacles to the "Action for Vision Eye Foundation" today. The used eye glassesspectacles were donated by KCRC staff, tenants and customers patrons of KCRC managed shopping arcades and residents of residential estates managed by KCRC.
According to the World Health Organisation, estimates that the eyesight of a quarter of the world’s population could be improved through the use of corrected lens. Unfortunately, eye glassesspectacles are either unavailable or unaffordable for many people living in developing countries . For people in developed countries, it is common to have eye screening and easy to purchase glasses. However, for people in developing countries,despite the fact that the demand of eye glassedspectacles remains high in these countries.
In an effort Tto reduce the amount of waste generated, KCRC has appealed to staff, tenants and customers patrons of KCRC managed shopping arcades and residential estates, urging them to donate used eye glassesspectacles of all kinds, with or without prescription, non-prescription and, sun-glasses, etc. A total of 2,246 pairs of used spectacles glasses were collected in only one month. The used glasses spectacles collected will be delivered to the "Action for Vision Eye Foundation" for testing and sorting and then will be distributed to the needy in the Mainland.
As a responsible corporate citizen, KCRC is dedicated to improving To further improve KCRC performance in environmental protection and the working environment, the Corporation has committed 14 environmental targets this year with the objective to reduce the waste generated and to save energy. A series of environmental activities were also plannedimplemented. The Corporation has also appointed more thansome 40 Green Ambassadors to promote environmental messages.
KCRC hopes that the spectacles donation activity could promote environmental awareness, and encourage recycling, . This can and at the same time help the needy.
Ms Katy Lam, General Manager, Quality and Organisational Development of KCRC (left) presents to Dr Dorothy Fan of "Action for Vision Eye Foundation" (right) more than 2000 pairs of used spectacles collected by KCRC.