23 October 2005
KCRC invests in safety enhancement
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) has undertaken a number of projects and invested over $5 million this year to enhance the safety standard of railway services.
The safety-enhancement projects include the installation of studded floors at the entrances of all refurbished trains in order to minimise the potential of slipping. The $3 million project began early this year and is expected to be completed in November.
KCRC is also installing bollards at the entrances of busy escalators in East Rail stations to discourage passengers carrying bulky luggage from using escalators. This project, which cost $570,000, will also be completed in November. In a project costing $370,000, the purple flashing neon lights on East Rail platform edges are being replaced with orange lights to raise passengers’ awareness of the platform gap.
To enhance Light Rail safety, KCRC has invested $1.1 million to install 50-mm platform gap fillers on 50 Light Rail platforms to narrow the platform gap, and to install bollards and railings at 35 Light Rail pedestrian crossings to encourage passengers, especially cyclists, to stop and look before crossing the road. Both projects will be completed by the end of this year.
In addition to investing in railway facilities, KCRC also places great emphasis on passenger education and spreads important safety messages to the public through a variety of channels and programmes.
In September, the Corporation organised the KCRC Safety Campaign Comic Drawing Competition with an aim to enhancing passengers’ awareness of safety in a fun and eye-catching way. KCRC has now compiled a book containing the winning entries from the competition and the books will be distributed for free at KCR Customer Services Centres starting from today.
The response to the competition was extremely encouraging; there were a total of 225 entries, 170 from the secondary school group and 55 from the general public.
Speaking at today’s prize presentation ceremony, General Manager – East Rail Operations (Acting) Mr Selwyn Lai said the entries displayed a high standard of drawing and portrayed interesting themes. He added that the book containing the winning entries would help reinforce the safety tips.
KCRC would like to specially thank cartoonists Mr Craig Au Yeung, Mr Albert Kwok and Mr Jacky Kwong for taking the time to adjudicate the competition.
Ma Kin Man was named the champion of the secondary school group, the first runner-up was Law Hong Siu, and the second runner-up was Lam Ngo Chi. The champion of the public group was Leung Wing Yu, the first runner-up Ip Ka Wai and the second runner-up Yeung Ka Chun. Ten outstanding entries were also chosen from each of the two groups.
Cartoonists Mr Albert Kwok (second from right) and Mr Jacky Kwong (first from left), KCRC General Manager-East Rail Operations (Acting) Mr Selwyn Lai (first from right) and West Rail Traffic Operations Manager Mr Fred Lam (second from left) officiate at today’s prize presentation ceremony of the KCRC Safety Campaign Comic Drawing Competition.
Champion of the secondary school group of the KCRC Safety Campaign Comic Drawing Competition Ma Kin Man (left) and Champion of the public group Leung Wing Yu (right) pose with the book containing the winning entries.