4 November 2005
KCRC Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation has joined the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme organised by the Environmental Protection Department. Battery collection boxes are now being placed at six railway stations, including East Rail’s Hung Hom, Sha Tin, Tai Po Market, and Sheung Shui stations, West Rail’s Mei Foo Station and Ma On Shan Rail’s Tai Wai Station. Passengers and the public are encouraged to drop their used rechargeable batteries in any of these boxes instead of simply throwing them away.
Rechargeable batteries are found in a lot of electronic equipment we use nowadays, e.g. mobile phones and digital cameras. Although most of the rechargeable batteries available in the market are environmental friendly, certain types still contain hazardous materials. Recycling of these batteries could reduce the harm the hazardous materials do to the environment.
The recycling programme covers all types of portable rechargeable batteries including general purpose rechargeable batteries and dedicated rechargeable batteries for mobile phone, indoor cordless phone, digital camera, video camera, notebook computer, personal digital assistance, MP3 player, electronic dictionary, etc. The batteries collected will be sorted according to the battery types and then exported overseas for recycling.
The KCRC appeals to the public and its own staff to support the recycling programme and drop used rechargeable batteries into the collection boxes at the above collection points.
The KCRC appeals to the passengers and the public to support the recycling programme.