11 November 2005
KCRC Supports the "Spectacle Recycling Scheme"
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation has joined the "Spectacle Recycling Scheme" organised by the Action for Vision Eye Foundation, making appeals to passengers and the general public to donate used spectacles of all kinds – with or without prescription and sunglasses – to the needy. Collection boxes have been placed at East Rail’s Customer Services Centre at four stations which are Sheung Shui, Tai Po Market, Sha Tin and Hung Hom.
The collected spectacles will be tested and sorted by the Action for Vision Eye Foundation before they are distributed to the needy in the Mainland.
The KCRC initiated the "Spectacle Recycling Scheme" in June this year. In just one month, more than 2,000 pairs of used spectacles were collected in KCRC offices, KCRC managed shopping arcades and residential estates. To support the Action for Vision Eye Foundation’s goal of collecting 100,000 pairs of used spectacles in Hong Kong, the KCRC now extends the scheme to its passengers and the public.
The KCRC hopes that its passengers and the public will support the recycling scheme. Please donate the used spectacles together with the spectacle boxes into the collection boxes in the above-mentioned Customer Services Centres. Every support counts, a pair of used spectacles will help a needy in the Mainland to get a chance of improving eyesight.
The KCRC appeals to the passengers and the public to donate used spectacles for the needy in the Mainland.