21 November 2005
KCRC launches Ma On Shan Rail One-Month Pass
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) will launch the Ma On Shan Rail One-Month Pass (the MOSR Pass) on 1 January 2006. As a promotion for the new railway, the Pass aims at encouraging passengers to use Ma On Shan Rail (MOSR) to travel to stations along its alignment and transfer to East Rail.
The MOSR Pass will be sold at $200, and the promotional period will last for six months until 30 June 2006. Holders of the Pass will be entitled to unlimited rides on MOSR between Che Kung Temple Station and Wu Kai Sha Station, and transfer from MOSR to East Rail on the standard class service between East Tsim Sha Tsui Station and Sheung Shui Station (excluding Lo Wu and Racecourse stations). The journey must start or end at one of the MOSR stations. Tai Wai Station is not a MOSR station but an East Rail Station.
There may be passengers who travel from one East Rail station to another East Rail station and thus abuse the MOSR Pass by using it to transfer to a MOSR station during the same journey. To achieve the objective of promoting MOSR service, Pass holders who leave a station during the journey should not re-enter the same station within 20 minutes with the same Pass. Otherwise, normal fare for the second journey will be deducted. Passengers traveling on first class of East Rail have to pay the fare difference.
In addition, Pass holders can also travel for free on East Rail feeder bus.
The January MOSR Pass will be available for sale in Octopus-type at the ticket offices of all MOSR stations and East Rail stations from 24 December 2005 onwards.
Current holders of the East Rail One-Month Pass (ER Pass) can shift to the MOSR Pass. Passengers who now enjoy the $300 privileged price of the ER Pass can shift to the MOSR Pass, and can revert to the $300 ER Pass in later months if they continue to buy the MOSR Pass consecutively every month by using the same Octopus card. Otherwise, they will have to pay the normal price of ER Pass at $380.
For enquiries, passengers can call the KCRC service hotline at 2929 3399 or browse its website at http://www.kcrc.com.