3 January 2006
East Rail services affected
East Rail (ER) services were affected tonight (3 January 2006) after a passenger fell on the tracks in Sheung Shui Station at around 11pm.
Preliminary investigations revealed that a female passenger fell from the Lo Wu-bound platform in Sheung Shui Station onto the tracks at 10:56pm last night when a train was approaching the platform. The driver sounded the horn and applied the emergency brake immediately. The female passenger was hit by the train and a male passenger who tried to assist her also suffered leg injuries. At the time of the incident, lighting at the platform was normal and passenger traffic was sparse.
After the incident, only one platform at Sheung Shui Station could be used for two-way traffic. Services between East Tsim Sha Tsui and Lo Wu were affected and the total travelling time was delayed by 15 minutes.
KCRC reported the incident to the police and the two injured passengers were sent to the hospital. Police are investigating the incident.
As the incident happened in the non-peak period, the number of passengers affected by the incident was minimal. During the period when the services were affected, KCRC had arranged feeder buses running between Tai Po Station and Sheung Shui Station to supplement East Rail services. KCRC had also requested the Immigration Department to coordinate with the Shenzhen authorities in postponing closure of the boundary check-point to 12:35am, ensuring passengers on the last Lo Wu-bound train could complete exit clearance.
KCRC apologizes for the inconvenience caused to passengers.