3 February 2006
Services at East Rail East Tsim Sha Tsui Station affected
At 4:50pm today, due to a minor failure of the Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) at East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, a northbound East Rail train with closed train doors moved forward for two metres despite the fact that the PSDs were still open. The Automatic Train Protection system automatically brought the train to a halt.
The train driver immediately reported the incident to the Control Centre, and continue service after ensuring all PSDs were closed. To vacate the train for inspection, passengers were safely detrained and took the next train at the Hung Hom Station.
At Mong Kok Station, the train concerned was checked and confirmed to be functioning normally. KCRC is now investigating the reason for the minor failure of the PSDs.
KCRC apologises for the inconvenience caused to passengers.
The incident has been reported to the Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate.