6 February 2006
Update on latest NDT test on East Rail Train Components
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) completed non-destructive tests (NDT) on the welding of mounting brackets of all East Rail trains underframe major components on 20 January 2006. It is now extending the scope of NDT to other non-major components.
To collect more statistical data for identifying the root cause of cracks in the welding of the train underframe components, the testing also include those components that may be related to the root cause. This a preventive measure for collecting more statistical data for root cause analysis, which will enable the early detection of minor cracks so that timely mitigation measures can be taken.
During the checking, KCRC engineering staff found minor cracks in one of the assembly pieces of the coupler of a small number of East Rail trains. The minor cracks would not affect the safe operation of train services. KCRC has carried out immediate repairs and included the cracks into its regular crack management programme. The programme includes hammering test to ensure all components can meet the stringent safety standard. KCRC will complete NDT on all related assembly pieces within this week.