7 February 2006
West Rail service slightly affected
West Rail service was slightly affected due to train failure and signalling failure at south of Kam Sheung Road Station at 6:22am and 6:35am this morning respectively.
At 6:22am, an empty train leading to Tuen Mun failed at south of Kam Sheung Road Station. The defective train was removed from the scene for further inspection at the depot. At 6:35am, the signalling system at south of Kam Sheung Road Station failed. The train frequency between Tuen Mun and Nam Cheong was extended from 4 minutes to 6 – 7 minutes. The problem was fixed and normal train service was resumed at 7:32am.
Notices were posted and public announcements were made at stations and train compartments to inform passengers of the service arrangement. Additional staff were also deployed at stations to provide assistance to passengers. KCRC apologised for the inconvenience caused to passengers.
The incident has been reported to the Transport Department and the Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate.