9 February 2006
East Rail services affected after a passenger jumped onto track
At around 11:00am today, KCR East Rail (ER) services were affected after a man jumped onto the tracks from a southbound train platform of Fanling Station.
At 11:14am when a train was approaching the southbound platform of Fanling Station, a man jumped onto the track. The Platform Supervisor found somebody jumped from the platform edge and immediately pressed the emergency train stop plunger. The driver of the approaching train also sounded the horn and applied the emergency brake immediately. Police is investigating the incident.
As only one platform at Fanling Station could be used for two-way traffic, train services between East Tsim Sha Tsui and Lo Wu stations were affected with trains running at frequencies from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Train services returned to normal gradually at 11:59am.
During the period of service disruption, KCRC made continuous announcements at stations and on trains to inform passengers the update of the incident. To minimise the inconvenience caused to passengers, KCRC arranged emergency buses to run between Sheung Shui and Tai Po Market stations to supplement East Rail services.