24 February 2006
Tender invited for Tai Wai Maintenance Centre property development project
Invitations have been sent to the shortlisted developers today to invite submissions of tender for the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation's (KCRC's) Tai Wai Maintenance Centre property development project by 12:00 noon on 17 March 2006.
KCRC proposes to implement the project under two joint venture packages. Tender 1 includes Site B and Site C while Tender 2 includes Site D.
KCRC spokesman said the Corporation had reached an understanding with the Government's Lands Department regarding the Phase I premium negotiation of the two packages, and expected to receive a formal offer shortly. Phase I premium negotiation covers only Site B of Tender 1 and Site D of Tender 2, while the premium of Site C in Tender 1 will be separately handled in phase II at a later stage.
"The land premium now agreed in principle was reached after an extended period of negotiation between Lands Department and the Corporation, during which both parties have made concessions in order to arrive at an understanding," the KCRC spokesman said.
"We believe the land premium agreed is attractive to interested developers," he continued.
Occupying an area of about 7.06 hectares, the project has an approximate gross floor area of 339,845 sq. m., comprising 313,955 sq. m. for residential use and 25,890 sq. m. for non-residential use.
The current development proposal comprises 12 residential towers housing about 4,304 flats, two schools and one Integrated Use Centre facility. The Tai Wai Maintenance Centre at ground level of the development podium has already been completed and put into operation in December 2004.
According to the current programme, the tenders (i.e. Tender 1 and Tender 2) for the project will be awarded in April 2006, target for completion in phases by 2010.
A total of 24 expressions of interest were received for the joint venture property development for Tai Wai Maintenance Centre at the close of submission on 11 November 2005.
Details of the Tai Wai Maintenance Centre Property Development Project
Site Area Approx. 70,597 sq. m.
Domestic GFA 313,955 sq. m.
Non-domestic GFA (2 schools and 1 G/IC facility) 25,890 sq. m.
No. of Residential Flats About 4,304
Average Flat Size 73 sq. m.
Other major facilities: residents' clubhouse, ancillary car parking spaces, loading and unloading bays and landscaped podium deck.
TOTAL 339,845 sq. m.
Details of the 2 tender packages:
Tender 1
(Sites B+C)
8 residential towers 2,928 flats 213,583 sq. m.
1 school and 1 G/IC facility N/A 14,030 sq. m.
Tender 2
(Site D)
4 residential towers 1,376 flats 100,372 sq. m.
1 school N/A 11,860 sq. m.
The tower blocks will be 43 to 50 residential floors in height (excluding entrance lobby, roof and refuge floors/sky gardens).