17 March 2006
East Rail services affected
East Rail (ER) services were affected this evening (17 March 2006) after a passenger jumped onto the tracks in Kowloon Tong Station at around 5:30pm.
Preliminary investigations revealed that a female passenger jumped from the Lo Wu-bound platform in Kowloon Tong Station onto the tracks at 5:29pm this evening when a train was approaching the platform. The driver sounded the horn and applied the emergency brake immediately. The female passenger was hit by the train.
During the incident, East Rail train services were operated between Lo Wu and Tai Wai stations, as well as between Mong Kok and East Tsim Sha Tsui stations at a frequency of 5 minutes each. KCRC arranged emergency feeder buses plying between Sha Tin and Kowloon Tong stations via Tai Wai station.
Train services returned to normal at 5:55pm. KCRC apologizes for the inconvenience caused to passengers.
KCRC has reported the incident to the Government.