27 May 2006
Light Rail incidents
Two incidents happened on Light Rail today when other road vehicle drivers were suspected to be not observing road traffic signals.
At 7:07 am, a lorry was suspected to have made an illegal left turn at the junction of Tin Shui Road/Tin Shui Estate while the LRV was observing correct signal The LRV driver applied the brake but could not stop in time, resulting in a collision with the lorry.
Light Rail services at three stops namely Tin Yiu, Locwood and Tin Shui were slightly affected. To minimize the impact on passengers, KCRC arranged 10 buses running at a frequency of 5 - 7 minutes to serve the affected areas. Routes 705, 706, 761 and 761P were diverted.
Normal Light Rail services were resumed at 7:51am. Two passengers were reported to have suffered minor injuries. KCRC sent staff to the hospital to convey its regards to the injured. They were discharged shortly.
During the incident, KCRC regularly updated the public and passengers on the service arrangements through the electronic media, and made continuous announcements on Light Rail platforms and LRVs. Additional staff members were also deployed at Light Rail stops to answer questions and provide assistance.
Another incident happened at 4:55pm when a light goods vehicle was suspected of not complying with the traffic signal at Lung Mun Road/Light Rail Depot and hit an LRV which departed from Light Rail Depot. The LRV driver was well-experienced and at the time of the incident, the LRV was running at a low speed and he applied the brake immediately. The driver of the light goods vehicle suffered minor injuries. Light Rail service was not affected.
Preliminary investigation revealed that the two incidents were suspected to have been caused by failure to obey traffic lights. The Light Rail signals were functioning properly at the junctions at the time of the incidents and the concerned LRVs were passing the junctions according to procedure. Police are investigating the incidents.
The Corporation regretted the incidents which were not under our control. It apologises to passengers who were affected in the Tin Shui Wai incident.
KCRC appealed to road vehicle drivers to pay attention to traffic regulations and obey the traffic signals especially on rainy days.