19 June 2006
West Rail service slightly affected
Due to a signalling problem at Tai Lam Tunnel at 8:05am today, journey time of southbound West Rail trains was delayed by 3 to 9 minutes. Urgent repairs were made and the problem was rectified at 8:15am.
To minimise the impact on the service during this period, temporary train regulations were conducted. As a result a southbound train was taken out of service at Kam Sheung Road Station and passengers were detrained with the advice to board the following train. The out-of-service train then pulled out of the station slowly with the train doors closed. At this point in time, the fail-safe system automatically stopped the train because the platform screen doors were not completely shut.
Passengers on the platform were advised about the incident and requested to stand back as extra staff were deployed to assist them. The out-of-service train was despatched from the platform after all the platform screen doors were closed manually.
A KCRC spokesman said, "Throughout the incident, passenger safety was not at risk as the fail-safe system automatically stopped the train when the platform screen doors were ajar. As an extra precaution, extra staff were deployed at the platforms of Kam Sheung Road Station, and nothing untoward had occurred during the rest of the day.
The spokesman apologized for the inconvenience caused. An investigation is now in hand to find out the cause of this incident which has been reported to relevant government departments.