28 June 2006
Fire drill for Ma On Shan Rail
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) carried out a fire drill at the track area near Shek Mun Station of Ma On Shan Rail on 27 June morning. The drill was designed to test and enhance the co-ordination and communication among KCRC, the Fire Services Department, the Hong Kong Police Force in handling incident and applying the emergency handling rules and procedures. The exercise was held after close of traffic to avoid any disruption to train service.
The drill simulated that heavy smoke was seen emitting from the first car of the train. The train driver immediately reported the incident to East Rail Control Centre (ERCC). At the same time the driver found that the train failed to move. The fail-safe system activated the emergency brake and the train stopped. Passengers moved rapidly to the last car waiting for rescue. Emergency services were summoned for help.
KCRC Safety & Quality Manager Mr Alex Lau said, "KCRC organizes a number of large-scale emergency drills with external parties every year to test the responsiveness, co-ordination and communication among KCRC staff and emergency services organizations."
The rescue teams are evacuating the injured at the fire drill at Ma On Shan Rail's Shek Mun Station.