12 July 2006
KCRC's response to Reports on East Rail Incidents Reporting and Cracking Incident changed
In response to the publication of the Report of the Review Panel on the Reporting of East Rail Incidents, and the report to review KCRC’s technical investigation into the root causes of the cracking incident, the Chairman of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC), Mr. Michael Tien has made the following statement.
"KCRC has received the two reports today, and is very pleased with this important development. At first sight the reports are very thorough and are already being studied in detail by our experts.
"Management has advised me, however, that the Corporation should have no difficulties in accepting all of the detailed recommendations."
Mr. Tien said that the Review Panel noted there were different legal opinions on the interpretation of the Corporation's legal obligations. "Putting this aside, I am prepared to propose that the Managing Board accepts the recommendations in the reports. With the Board's acceptance, Management will work closely with the Government to establish more robust guidelines with practical examples to assist those responsible in reporting to the Government.
"I am also fully committed to working through the CEO, Mr. James Blake to ensure there is a proactive approach taken in respect to transparency and to review the internal reporting procedure in order to ensure the expeditious reporting of incidents as recommended in the report. In this regard, I have the full commitment and support of Mr. Blake."
"I am pleased to note that the hard work and loyalty displayed by KCRC staff throughout the cracks incident, is given recognition in the reports."
Concerning the findings of the report to review the KCRC technical investigation into the root causes, Mr. Tien said, "I am pleased to note that the KCRC investigation is seen in a good light and that our maintenance regime is generally in line with industry best practice.
"The Corporation accepts without reservations that there is always room for further improvement. In this regard, the Managing Board has already approved the Management's recommendations to implement measures which will enhance the monitoring and early detection of any cracks anywhere in the Corporation's train cars. We have also made a good start on implementing the recommended improvement works for completion by mid-2007." Mr. Tien said.