3 August 2006
East Rail service interrupted by adverse weather this morning
With typhoon signal no. 3 in force this morning, East Rail services were briefly interrupted by obstruction of trees brought down by strong winds.
At 5:49 am, the tracks, north of University Station, were blocked by a fallen tree. KCRC emergency repair staff sprang into action immediately and cleared the obstruction. Normal services resumed at 6:11am.
In the second incident, a large tree on trackside fell in strong winds at 9:37 am and straddled across the overhead power line, south of Shueng Shui Station. The obstruction was cleared and normal services resumed at 10:22 am. During the period of obstruction, train services between the section from Tai Wo to Lo Wu Station was temporarily halted while shuttle service between the section from Tai Po Market to East Tsim Sha Tsui was maintained at a frequency of 8 minutes. Feeder buses were provided between Tai Po Market and Lo Wu stations. Broadcasts were made via the electronic media and at stations to inform passengers about the situation.
KCR East Rail apologised for the inconvenience caused to passengers.