8 August 2006
Light Rail 614 service affected
Route 614 of the Light Rail service was disrupted for about 50 minutes from about 12:16 p.m. this afternoon when a female passenger accidentally fell onto the tracks from a platform at Siu Hong Stop. At the time a Yuen Long-bound Light Rail vehicle was (LRV) approaching the stop.
As the female passenger lost her balance, the LRV driver immediately sounded the horn and applied the brake in full force, bringing the vehicle to an abrupt stop to avoid a direct hit. However, the woman was entrapped beneath the front part of the chassis.
Emergency rescue service and the police were immediately summonsed. When she was freed from her entrapment 15 minutes later, she was still conscious and told the Police that she fell from the platform by accident. She was sent to hospital for treatment.
At the time of the accident, passenger traffic on this route was thin and the platform in question was not crowded. About 150 passengers were affected.
A KCRC spokesman said the disruption lasted longer than an incident without casualties because the scene had to be cordoned off for initial Police investigation. Normal service of Route 614 resumed at 1:10 p.m.
During the period of disruption, shuttle buses were deployed, broadcasts were made at the platforms, and extra KCRC staff were sent out to assist passengers.
KCRC apologizes for the inconvenience caused to passengers.