29 August 2006
Temporary crack management measures no longer required
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation announced that as from tomorrow (30 August 2006) all industrial-grade nylon belts strapped on as a temporary measure to provide secondary support to the underframe equipment of the East Rail Mid-Life Refurbished trains will be removed.
This came after KCRC has applied for and obtained the approval of the Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate to remove these nylon belts.
A KCRC spokesman said, "An effective crack management scheme has been put in place for the early detection of cracks, and the remedial work to rectify the cracks discovered in major underframe equipment has been completed. The Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate has agreed that KCRC's permanent measures can continue to ensure train safety and is satisfied that this temporary measure is no longer required.
"For the same reasons, another temporary measure introduced in January this year to conduct hammering and visual inspection of these equipments once every 48 hours is also no longer required. With effect from tomorrow, this temporary measure will be replaced by the regular inspection once about every eight days to be supplemented by MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) at regular intervals. This frequency of inspection exceeds the norm of the best practice in the industry as well as that recommended by the train car manufacturer, " the spokesman said.
It is expected that all of the nylon belts will be removed by mid September 2006. KCRC will continue to work closely with the Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate in ensuring that the highest standard is maintained in the implementation of the crack management scheme.