13 September 2006
East Rail services affected
At 7:44 am today, the train control system of an up-line East Rail encountered a wiring problem when it reached University Station. The train protection system was activated. KCRC immediately arranged the affected train to go back to depot for detailed examination. Passengers were detrained at University Station and boarded the next northbound train to continue their journey with the assistance of KCRC staff. Train service resumed normal at 8:25 am.
As the incident occurred during morning peak hours, it was necessary to implement crowd control measures at stations. Some barrier gates were temporarily closed to avoid over-crowding at platforms and to ensure passenger safety. During the time of incident, trains between Fo Tan and East Tsim Sha Tsui operated at an interval of 10 minutes and trains between Fo Tan and Lo Wu operated at an interval of 20 minutes.
KCRC had also arranged shuttle buses in hand at Fo Tan Station and Tai Po Market Stations for deployment. Due to the adverse weather and heavy traffic congestion at Tolo Highway and that service would recover in 40 minutes, passengers were not informed to take the shuttle buses in order not to create confusion and inconvenience.
KCRC had issued notices via multi-fax to the electronic media, informing the public that the waiting time would be lengthened from 3 minutes to 23 minutes. Meanwhile, public announcements were made and notices were posted up in all East Rail stations in order to provide the public with the latest information.
KCRC apologises for the inconvenience and delay caused to passengers.