15 September 2006
Statement by Mr Y.T. Li, Senior Director - Transport of KCRC East Rail service disruption on 13 September 2006
In regard to the notification of incidents to Transport Department and the public via the electronic media, Mr. Y.T. Li, the Senior Director-Transport wishes to clarify KCRC's position in the light of public concern over the matter.
Mr. Li states that observance of the 8-minute notification mechanism remains a commitment on the part of KCRC, the mechanism will continue to be implemented throughout the Transport Division. Any incident expected to last for 8 minutes or more will be reported to Transport Department within 8 minutes after the occurrence of the incident. The multi-fax notification to the public via the electronic media will follow. This usually takes a few minutes to reach all intended recipients.
If there is any doubt that the incident can be cleared within 8 minutes, Transport Department will also be informed. If an incident originally expected to be cleared in less than 8 minutes, but turns out to last for 8 minutes or more, Transport Department will be informed as soon as practicable. In the case of the incident on 13 September originally hoped to be cleared in less than 8 minutes, Transport Department was informed after 8 to 9 minutes as it became clear that the disruption could not be cleared within 8 minutes. Electronic media was informed immediately thereafter. Our record shows that multi-faxing commenced 3 minutes after notifying the Transport Department.
At East Rail stations, however, announcements to passengers are made as soon as incidents happen. For the incidents on East Rail last week, passengers were informed through announcements well within 8 minutes.
Mr. Li concluded his statement noting that the Corporation had honoured its commitment and notified the Transport Department and the public. The Corporation promises that it will continue to comply with the notification mechanism. On behalf of KCRC, he again apologised to all passengers affected.