24 September 2006
A track trespasser killed by train
East Rail services were affected this evening after a track trespasser was killed by a KCRC train entering Fo Tan Station at 6:49pm.
Preliminary investigation revealed that despite the driver sounded the horn and applied the emergency brake, the accident could not be avoided. KCRC summonsed assistance from Fire Services and the man was removed from the track. Police are investigating the incident.
After the incident, services between University and Fo Tan Stations were blocked by the incident train and some trains were diverted to Racecourse loop line to bypass the affected section at Fo Tan. Services between Lo Wu and East Tsim Sha Tsui ran at a 10-minute-frequency and the end-to-end journey time was extended by 8-15 minutes.
As the incident happened in the non-peak period and efforts were made to divert the trains to the unaffected lines, inconvenience caused to passengers was kept to minimum. KCRC also arranged supplementary buses to serve University, Fo Tan and Sha Tin Stations.
East Rail services resumed normal at 8:23pm. The Corporation expresses sincere regret to the unfortunate incident and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to passengers.
The incident has been reported to relevant Government departments.