1 October 2006
KCRC's Statement – Court Injunction granted to prohibit persons to trespass onto the track area
In response to a declaration by a number of persons who have planned to march onto tracks in the Light Rail Transit system, the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) would like to make the following statement:
KCRC has been granted a court injunction to prohibit a number of persons from trespassing onto the Light Rail track area, in order to ensure the safety of these persons and others who may follow suit, as well as the safe operation of the Light Rail Vehicles.
Unauthorised persons entering onto the track area are risking their own safety since the tracks, composing of steel rails, sleepers and ballast, are not designed for pedestrian use. Even trained railway staff are required to wear safety clothing and safety shoes, as well as take additional safety precautions in accordance with the railway rules before they are allowed to gain access to the tracks. Unauthorised persons trespassing into the tracks may cause damage to the track and signalling equipment, which may have serious impact on Light Rail operations.
Unauthorised persons and activities in the track area will affect the normal running of LRVs and cause inconvenience to passengers using the system.
KCRC has made many contact with those organising the march and advised them not to trespass onto the track area but so far the advice has been ignored. In order to protect the interest of all concerned, KCRC applied for the court injunction yesterday.
Anyone who does not abide by the court injunction shall be in contempt of court. A spokesman of KCRC stresses that anyone who trespasses into KCRC premises is in breach of the North-West Railway By-laws. Offenders will be prosecuted and liable for a maximum fine of $10,000 and imprisonment for 2 years.
The spokesman advises that the Light Rail service improvement, which will take effect on 8 October, will fully improve the services within Tin Shui Wai New Town and will benefit 270,000 Tin Shui Wai residents who will enjoy the enhanced 761P, 705 and 706 services. For the 2,800 passengers who currently take Light Rail Route 761 at Tin Wing, Tin Yuet, Tin Sau, Wetland Park and Tin Heng Stops to Yuen Long, they are advised to take Route 705 which will run at a higher frequency to Tin Fu, and change at the same platform there for Route 761P which will also have a more frequent service. Their average travelling time is expected to remain unchanged.
To help passengers familiarise themselves with the new arrangements, KCRC will offer a fare discount of more than 10% to passengers using Octopus cards to start their journey at the five affected stops for Hang Mei Stop and any stop to Yuen Long. The fare discount will also be offered on return journeys. Adults can save $0.5 and children/senior citizen can save $0.3 for each journey. The discount will be offered form 8 October to 15 October 2006.
To ensure resources are used effectively to benefit more residents in the Northwest New Territories, KCRC will cease the operation of the bus route K2P (Tin Shui Centre – Tuen Mun Town Centre), which has an extremely low patronage. KCRC will allocate the resources to strengthen 4 bus routes in Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun from 9 October onwards. They are K73, K74, K76 and K51. K74 will be extended to Pok Oi Hospital, while the frequencies of other three bus routes will be enhanced.
KCRC has been collecting views from the community since early August. KCRC believes that the current improvement plan benefits the vast majority of passengers in Tin Shui Wai, while the average travelling time of passengers in Tin Shui Wai North is expected to remain unchanged after the merger of 761 and 761P if they take the Light Rail Vehicles to Yuen Long.