5 February 2007
Drill on "prevention of avian influenza"
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) carried out a drill at East Rail Sha Tin Station this afternoon to test and enhance the responsiveness of frontline staff in handling bird carcasses found on railway premises in accordance with the Corporation’s safety guidelines and handling procedures.
The drill simulated that when a train was about to depart from Sha Tin Station, the train driver received a report from a passenger on board that two dead birds were found in the train compartment and on the platform respectively. The driver made a report to the East Rail Control Centre. Station staff were immediately deployed to handle the bird carcasses and assist passengers to get onto another train to continue their journeys.
Donned in protective gear, two staff members put the dead birds into a thick black plastic bag with a pair of tongs. The equipment in contact with the birds was properly disposed of and the floor surfaces were disinfected after they removed the two dead birds from the scene.
KCRC will continue to organize regular exercises to test the responsiveness, co-ordination and communication among staff in handling similar incidents.