21 February 2007
100,000 passengers enjoy free ride on West Rail
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) announced today that close to 100,000 people took advantage of the 4-hour free ride on West Rail between 9 am and 1 pm today as a small token of thanks to West Rail passengers who were inconvenienced during the transformer incident in Tai Lam Tunnel last Wednesday.
This number is about 2-1/2 times the normal patronage figure during the same period, and is broadly in line with the Corporation's expectation.
A KCRC spokesman thanked the passengers directly involved in the incident for their cooperation during the emergency evacuation, and those who had their journeys disrupted for their patience and tolerance. Apart from thanking passengers KCRC hopes that the opportunity to use West Rail free of charge will promote West Rail's benefits as a reliable transport system to an even greater number of passengers.
The spokesman apologized for a small hiccup in Nam Cheong Station today when the exit gates were erroneously set to close the free ride prematurely for 4 minutes between 1 pm and 1:04 pm. The error was discovered by station staff and refund was immediately made to 204 passengers. The ticket gates were immediately reset to clear all free ride passengers who entered into the system before 1 pm.
West Rail passengers, who exited at Nam Cheong at that time may have their Octopus cards checked at any of the West Rail ticketing offices within the next few days. A notice will be put up at all West Rail Stations tomorrow to remind those passengers who should claim a refund.