11 May 2007
Light Rail service slightly affected
At 4:16 pm, a private car bumped into a Yuen Long bound Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Route 615 at the junction of Castle Peak Road / Yick Yuen Road.
Light Rail services at four stops namely Lam Tei, Nai Wai, Chung Uk Tsuen and Hung Shui Kiu were affected. To minimize the inconvenience caused to passengers, KCRC immediately arranged feeder buses running between Siu Hong Station North and Hung Shui Kiu at a frequency of 5 minutes. Routes 751, 610, 614 and 615 were diverted. Normal Light Rail services were fully resumed at 4:36 pm.
On site investigation revealed that the Light Rail traffic signal was functioning properly at the junction at the time of the incident and the concerned LRV was passing the junction according to the traffic signal. Police is investigating into the incident.
The Corporation apologises to passengers who were affected in the incident.