22 May 2007
Light Rail / West Rail Joint Emergency Drill
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC), in collaboration with Fire Services Department, the Hong Kong Police Force, Hospital Authority, Auxiliary Medical Service and Civil Aid Services, conducted an emergency drill at the Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop early this morning. The drill was carried out to test the co-ordination and responsiveness of all rescue units in handling an emergency.
The exercise was held after the close of traffic to avoid any disruption to train service. It simulated an incident that when a set of Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) working in pairs entering Platform 2 of Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop, a passenger in the rear vehicle informed the driver through the emergency intercom that someone had set a fire inside the car. The driver stopped the LRVs at Platform 2 and opened all the LRV doors for passenger evacuation immediately. He also went to the rear car and found that a number of passengers were injured, including a wheelchair passenger. The driver therefore immediately reported the incident to the Control Centre. Meanwhile, the dense smoke from the LRV spread to West Rail Tuen Mun Station. West Rail Station staff attended the incident immediately. The rescue units arrived at the scene shortly to render assistance to the injured passengers.
In order to make the drill more realistic and to test the responsiveness and co-ordination of various rescue units, KCRC added a number of impromptu scenarios such as having a disabled passenger on board and another LRV in service at Platform 1 when the fire broke out.
KCRC Safety and Quality Manager Mr Alex Lau said after the emergency exercise, "The drill scenario for this time was rather complicated. We are happy to see that both KCRC Light Rail and West Rail staff responded promptly with good coordination. Other rescue units also demonstrated a high degree of responsiveness, coordination and communication. The injured passengers were well looked after and the train service was resumed within the shortest possible time. The drill was very smooth and successful."
KCRC organises a joint emergency drill at Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop to test the responsiveness of KCRC staff and other rescue teams.
The ambulance men are providing medical assistance to the wheelchair passengers.