3 June 2007
Kowloon Southern Link incident
At around 3 am this morning, during the regular 24-hour monitoring of the Kowloon Southern Link tunnelling works, a potential ground disturbance was detected by the contractor responsible for the works below Salisbury Road. KCRC's pre-established emergency procedures were immediately activated and the concerned government authorities notified. The situation remained under control, and there has been no effect on public safety. The affected area of road, between Kowloon Park Drive and Hankow Road, involved about 3 metres by 4 metres and is now under repair. Two lanes of the westbound carriageway are open for traffic.
During the incident, a section of two westbound lanes was temporarily closed, leaving one westbound lane open for traffic. The eastbound lanes were not affected. For safety reasons, a gas main in the area was shut down by Towngas, and alternative supply arrangements were introduced.
Backfilling of the disturbed ground was completed before 7 am, after which the westbound middle lane was re-opened for traffic while the slow lane remains closed until final inspection and any necessary utilities repairs are completed.
A spokesman for the Corporation said, "We apologise for the inconvenience caused. While this is a very regrettable incident, all contingency measures which were planned by the Corporation for such an event have fully covered the aniticipated risks. The public and the surrounding buildings were fully protected at all times."