16 June 2007
Lok Ma Chau Spur Line ready to commence service
In reply to media enquiries about a newspaper report today headlined to the effect "Further delay to the opening of Lok Ma Chau Spur Line. There may be hidden safety deficiency", a KCRC spokesman said, "there is no truth in the report whatsoever. The Spur Line has satisfied all the statutory requirements including specifications set by the Hong Kong Inspector of Railway, and necessary approval by the Government for commencement of service. Over the past few months, trial runs including some carried out in accordance with the actual train timetable, have proven to be very successful, achieving an almost 100% punctuality without any teething problem.
"The Spur Line was constructed to provide an alternative crossing for East Rail passengers to the Mainland. The commencement of service requires co-ordination between control authorities on both sides of the boundary. Consensus will soon be reached among the relevant authorities, and the Spur Line will commence service immediately there after. In accordance with the agreement signed between KCRC and the Government before the commencement of the project, the Spur Line is to commence service in mid-2007. This date is achievable.
In relation to the visit by members of the Legislative Council Transport Panel, the spokesman said, "The visit scheduled to take place on 8 June was put back at the request of members who had used the time slot to complete the debate on the merger bill. At the request of the Legco Secretariat, the visit is now rescheduled to 3 July as reported."