12 July 2007
Retrieval of the Kowloon Southern Link's Tunnel Boring Machine
The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) for the Kowloon Southern Link (KSL) project has successfully completed its first tunnel drive and will be retrieved from a shaft at Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Tsui in the small hours of 15 July to 30 July 2007.
The TBM shield will be lifted out in parts for transportation to the launching shaft in Jordan for the second and final tunnel drive. The cutter head weighing about 105 tonnes will be lifted out first.
To minimise the impact on road traffic and the community nearby, the retrieval will be carried out after midnight, 16 nights in consecutive.
Temporary traffic diversion will be implemented between 0:01am and 6:00am from 15 July (Sunday) to 30 July (Monday), except for the first day (15 July) when the affected roads will re-open at 7:00am. During the period, the section of Salisbury Road eastbound between Nathan Road and Middle Road, and the Salisbury Road underpass (both directions) will be closed to all traffic. Appropriate road signs and traffic signals will be put up at the site.
As a result, vehicles on Salisbury Road eastbound from Peninsula Hotel heading towards East Tsim Sha Tsui will be diverted via Salisbury Road eastbound, Nathan Road northbound, Middle Road eastbound, Middle Road southbound and Salisbury Road eastbound. Also, vehicles on Nathan Road southbound heading for Salisbury Road eastbound will be diverted via Nathan Road southbound, Middle Road eastbound, Middle Road southbound and Salisbury Road eastbound.
To facilitate the transportation of the TBM components back to the launching shaft adjacent to the Canton Road Government Offices, sections of the Salisbury Road eastbound and Canton Road southbound will be closed intermittently for about 10 minutes in phases from 2:00am to 4:00am daily from 18 July (Wednesday) to 30 July 2007 (Monday).
A KCRC spokesman said, "The arrangements to retrieve the TBM in small hours aim to minimise the inconvenience to the public. Motorists heading for the affected road sections during the traffic diversion periods are urged to be patient."
The second tunnel drive will commence in September 2007 for completion in March 2008, and the target completion date for KSL is 2009.