8 August 2007
West Rail signalling failure
West Rail service was affected due to a signalling problem at south of Kam Sheung Road Station at 5:12pm. The journey time of West Rail service between Tuen Mun and Nam Cheong on both directions was extended by 10 minutes. Train service ran at a frequency of 6 to 8 minutes during the affected period.
Following emergency repair, Tuen Mun bound service was resumed at 5:24pm, while Nam Cheong bound was back to normal at 5:55pm. An investigation to the cause of this incident is being carried out.
During the incident period, notices were posted and public announcements were made at stations and inside train compartments to inform passengers of the service arrangement. Additional staff were also deployed at stations to provide assistance to passengers.
KCRC apologised for the inconvenience caused to passengers.