8 August 2007
KCRC welcomes Government's announcement of post-merger Chairman and CEO
On behalf of the KCRC, as the CEO, Ir. James Blake welcomes the announcement of senior appointments to take effect on the merging of the MTR and KCR networks.
Since his return to the Corporation following the announcement last year of the proposed merger, the senior staff of both corporations have formed close working relationships, which will ensure that the post merger operation of both rail networks continues to achieve the expected high standards of operational efficiency.
In congratulating Dr Raymond Ch’ien Kuo-fung on his appointment as Chairman designate and the selection of Mr. C.K. Chow as CEO designate of MergeCo, Ir. Blake said that working closely together with Mr. Chow and his senior colleagues during the past year left him in no doubt that Hong Kong’s rail transport system and the future of KCRC staff would rest in very capable hands.
Ir. Blake also expressed confidence that the adoption of the one company one team approach with the highly motivated and experienced leadership announced today, would ensure that the staff of both corporations will come together in the most effective manner for the benefit of rail passengers as a whole. Ir. Blake is delighted to have been able to help lead this transition from separate networks to a single combined rail network serving almost the whole of Hong Kong.