5 October 2007
West Rail Tai Lam Tunnel Joint Emergency Drill
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC), in collaboration with relevant government departments including Fire Services Department, the Hong Kong Police Force and Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate, conducted an emergency drill at West Rail Tai Lam Tunnel early this morning.
The exercise simulated an incident encountered by a southbound West Rail train, whilst running inside Tai Lam Tunnel, during which the train stopped at a position 1,500 metres from Tsuen Wan West Station due to a power failure. One of the devices on the exterior train top was on fire causing heavy smoke getting into the train compartments.
Passengers pressed the Emergency Help Points to inform the train driver, who immediately reported the incident to the Control Centre, which in turn summoned emergency rescue units to the scene, stopped all operating trains and turned on the Tunnel lighting, exit signs and Tunnel ventilation systems to facilitate emergency evacuation of the 350 passengers on board to Tsuen Wan West Station.
Mr Alex Lau, KCRC Safety and Quality Manager said after the emergency exercise that the drill was very smooth and successful. All of the members of the rescue units and KCRC staff responded promptly demonstrating a high degree of coordination and communication. Mr Lau also pointed out that the exercise also tested the responsiveness of different rescue units in handling an emergency inside the Tunnel according to the emergency procedures. All of the fire fighting devices in the tunnel were tested and used in the exercise.
KCRC conducts regular emergency drills every year to keep staff and relevant rescue units on full alert in handling an emergency.
KCRC organises an emergency exercise at West Rail Tai Lam Tunnel to test the responsiveness of KCRC staff and other rescue units in the handling of a major incident. The rescue unit was conducting a thorough search on the incident train.
Passengers walked along the emergency walkway inside Tai Lam Tunnel for evacuation to Tsuen Wan West Station.
An Incident Control Point was set up on site to facilitate effective co-ordination amongst relevant emergency services units.