1 November 2007
KCRC introduces "Lok Ma Chau Weekly Ticket"
To promote the Lok Ma Chau Station ridership, the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) will introduce a Lok Ma Chau Weekly Ticket on a trial basis for a three-month period from 4 November 2007 to 16 February 2008.
The weekly ticket, priced at $240, will entitle the holder to 12 East Rail Lok Ma Chau journeys (standard class) within a 7-day week commencing Sunday. It is not applicable to Lo Wu Station and all stations of Ma On Shan Rail.
The Lok Ma Chau Weekly Ticket will be available for sale at ticket offices of East Rail stations, except those at Lo Wu, Racecourse and Ma On Shan Rail from 4 November 2007.
For details, passengers may refer to information on KCRC's website at www.kcrc.com, publicity material at stations or call the KCRC hotline at 2929 3399.